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Tazza the high rollers 2006 full movies free

Tazza the high rollers 2006 full movies free: Firstly, Goni is a man with a problem. More than a problem, really. Goni has an addiction, hard and fast, to gambling in general, and specifically hwatu, an old-as-the-hills Korean card game played with a deck of tiny, flower-blazoned cards.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if Goni weren’t so embarrassingly bad at it. Cleaned out of his life savings, Goni steals more from his family and loses that too. What’s a poor kid to do? Well, when this poor kid realizes that he’s just been swindled by an organized ring of cheaters, he sets off on a quest to track them down and beat them at their own game, having first apprenticed himself to a wise old hwatu master. Enter the world of Tazza, a world where the hand is faster than the eye, where deception is the name of the game and where neither friendship nor enmity last forever.


  1. “Tazza: The High Rollers” is based on Huh Young-Man’s popular comic book “Tazza” – about Korea’s gambling subculture and its assorted denizen.
  2. The card game featured in the movie is known as “Hwatu” (literally “War of Flowers”).
  3. Related titles:
    1. Tazza: The High Rollers | Tajja (2006), 2. Tazza (SBS / 2008), 3. and Tazza: The Hidden Card | Tajja: Shinui Son (2014)

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  • Movie: Tazza: The High Rollers (English title)
  • Revised Romanization: Tajja
  • Hangul: 타짜
  • Director: Choi Dong-Hoon
  • Writer: Choi Dong-Hoon, Huh Young-Man(comic)
  • Producer: Seung-jae Cha, Min-hee Kim
  • Cinematography: Young-hwan Choi
  • Release Date: September 28, 2006 (South Korea)
  • Runtime: 139 min.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Production Budget: US$ 5.5M
  • Studio: Sidus Pictures
  • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
  • Language:South Korea
  • Country: Korean


Cho Seung-Woo as Go-Ni

Baek Yoon-Sik as Pyung Gyung-Jang

Kim Hye-Soo  as Madam Jung

Yu Hae-Jin as Ko Kwang-Ryeol

Kim Yun-Seok as Aw-Kwi

Ju Jin-Mo as Jjakgwi

Kim Sang-Ho as Park Mu-Seok

Baek Do-Bin as Kwak

Kwon Tae-Won as Ho-Ku

Kim Kyung-Ik as Ppaljjisan

Additional Cast Members:
  • Lee Soo-Kyung as Hwa-Ran
  • Kim Jung-Nan as Se-Ran
  • Choi Jong-Ryul as professor
  • Jo Sang-Geon as Racoon
  • Jung In-Gi as warehouse security guard
  • Kim Eung-Soo as Kwak Chul-Yong
  • Kim Kwang-Kyu as Slim
  • Lee Jae-Gu as Choon-Jae
  • Shin Young-Jin as Sa-Gi’s wife
  • Yoon Sul-Hee as Dabang Coffee House worker
  • Jo Suk-Hyun as neighborhood bum
  • Do Yoon-Joo as swindler’s husband
  • Hong Gyung-Yun as middle aged Kangnam woman
  • Kim Min-Kyu as skateboarder
  • Kim Min-Kyung as Go-Ni’s mother
  • Lim Jung-Eun as Go-Ni’s older sister
  • Choi Jae-Sup as Jin-Seop
  • Seo Dong-Soo as Yong-Pal
  • Park Soo-Young as Go-Ni’s uncle
  • Choi Dong-Hoon as police officer
  • Do Yong-Gu as Chubby (“Ddongddongyi”)
  • Huh Young-Man as gambler
  • Jang Nam-Yeol as taxi driver 1
  • Jang Joon-Nyoung as Busan gambler
  • Kim Ja-Young as fruit store woman
  • Ham Gun-Soo as ship captain
  • Kim Mi-Ra as middle aged woman
  • Jeon Hun-Tae as plain-clothes detective


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