Summer of Director Oh 2016 full movie free

Image Summer of Director Oh 2016 full movie free

Summer of Director Oh 2016 full movie free

Summer of Director Oh 2016 full movie free online : Firstly, Director Oh Soo-jin had a taste of failure with her first movie. HowShe thinks about a fancy come back but no one wants her now. Then one day, opportunity finds her but it’s an erotic film…
She is “Sky Girl” Oh Soo-jin.

Secondly, Seven years ago, Oh Soo-jin made a movie called “Sky Girl” which resulted in only 20,000 views. However, she ground her teeth to recover from her failure by making a second movie. One day she gets a call from Park, a gangster and movie director who asks her to make a porn movie with him. On the other hand, the actress of the movie is an AV girl from Japan.

Oh Soo-jin denies the offer and returns home but all that’s waiting for her are unpaid rent and bills. Oh Soo-jin calls Park after watching the AV girl’s porn and suggests she turns the whole set into a women-only production. She has a week to film the movie with 100 million won. Can she do it? Finally,…

Also Known As: 수상한 언니들 (soo-sang-han eon-ni-deul), Susanghan Eonnideul , Award-winning sisters
Genre: Drama, 18+, Comedy, Erotic
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 98 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/03/03
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by No Zin-soo (노진수)
Ko Won 고원
Lee Chae-dam 이채담
Eom Ji-hye 엄지혜
Park Jung-yoon 박정윤 As Kim Yeon-joo (김연주)
Rahi 라희
Hwang Ji-hoo 황지후
Park In-soo (박인수) as Representative Park – Cameo (박 대표 – 우정출연)
Kim Cheong-soon (김청순) as Waiter – Cameo (웨이터 – 우정출연)

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