Sex Lies And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Image Sex Lies And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Sex Lies And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Sex Lies And Video Tape 2012 full movies: Firstly, Sewoon shopping complex, the first to distribute porno tapes in Cheonghye-cheon! The people’s erotic stories started there.

The year was 1996, Kyeong-tae filmed illegal tapes with porno actor Pan-sub at the Cheonggye-cheol Sewoon Shopping District when they meet Joo-ri who is about to go work in an adult establishment in Macao with a single porno movie. He and Pan-sub get excited that they have the chance to win a big sum of money.
He transfers a tape to Hyeong-soo who is their source of transporting their goods and dealer while he signs a deal while he signs a contract with all the money he had saved up until then without her knowing. Moneylender Soboro finds out and raids the shooting set and takes all of Kyeong-tae’s money, demanding that he pays the rest within three days.
With the deadline for the signing of the contract and the three days come close, Kyeong-tae borrows money from Hyeong-soo and she gives him a Japanese version snuff-movie, offering him a deal.
He accepts it with no doubt but finds out he fooled and decides to become a member of a gang. Then he changes the prop knife on set into a real one…
Directed by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Screenplay by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Genre: •Comedy •Erotic
Runtime: 89 min.
Release date in South Korea : 2012/07/12
Previously known as “Sex Toll” (섹거비, Sek-geo-bi)

Go Soo-hee (고수희) as Hyeong-soo (형수)

Lee Moo-saeng (이무생) as Kyeong-tae (경태)

Tina (티나) as Joo-ri (주리)

Sim Jae-gyoon (심재균) as Pan-seop (판섭)

Kim Jung-pal (김정팔) as So Bo-ro (소보로)

Lee Moo-yeong (이무영) as Udon house owner (우동집주인)

Bae Han-sung (배한성) as Gentleman No (노신사)

Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화) as Director (감독)

Ha Yeong-eun (하영은) as Lee Sook (이숙)

Hwang Young-hee(황영희) as Landlady (여주인)


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