See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม

See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม

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See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม

See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม 2006 full movie free online : Firstly, is a Thai movie that talking about A mischievous ghost boy is wandering around the town, trying to find his father. Living alone with loneliness, the ghost boy wants to make friends with people. He enjoys making trouble, and causes chaos throughout the villagers. When no one is able to stop the ghost boy, the only hope for the villagers is the abbot in their village. Now, it’s time to find the way to defeat this little ghost!

Koi Yoi Yom is a Thai drama comedy drama that was released on 3 August 2006. The first film was directed by Chaturong Mokkok and starring Chaturaphon Pholboon , Nong P or Prasittichok Mana Sathanachat, Goh. Tee Aram Boy or Charoenphon Onlam, Jammy-Chamon Tanthasiriwong, Bai Fern-Pimchanok Pholboon, Chim Chuan Chuen or Noppadon Songsaeng, Kham Chuan Chuen, Joy Chuan Chuen, Nok-Wanida Sang Suk, Poodle-Parachon Na Nakorn, Sumeth Ongart, Pim Big Brother and Yin Mi Big Brother

See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม full movie free online

The story of the ghost of a stray child (Nong Pim Chok), the ghost of a child who died because of Wilai (Lakkhana Wathanawongsiri) who is an abortion mother He wanted to find his father, who had never met before. But with loneliness and wanting to have friends The child ghost likes to appear for people to play mischievously.

In which every appearance Created chaos And fear for the villagers Until all villagers had to assemble the people who were afraid of ghosts And flocked to rely on Luang Pho (Chatuchak, Makok), a temple abbot in the village of Je Li (Wanida Sangsuk).

The owner of a grocery store with a daughter named Kik (Pimchanok Pholboon) who secretly likes with children of Wat Khukti Which is named Lang (Jammy – Chamon Tanthasiriwong), with Kob (Ko Tee Aram Boy), a temple partner boy who helps both From hindering Je Li’s love And follow the procession with Uncle Chu (Chim Chuanchuen) Who secretly liked Jee Lee until they appeared outside, along with elder Teng, selling pork (Anna Mok Jok).

And many villagers That are encountering various issues And the horror of child ghosts Therefore gathered at the temple pavilion And tell those terror stories With various gags And together they think of ways to get rid of children Finally, everyone decided to confront the child.

โกยเถอะโยม 2006

Original Title: Koi Yoi Yom 2001 2006, Koy ter yuem 2001 2006
Thai Title: โกยเถอะโยม 2001 2006
English Title: See How They Run 2001 2006
Other title: See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม full movie, See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม full movie free, See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม full movie free online , See How They Run 2006 โกยเถอะโยม full movie free watch download online

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Directed by Chaturaphon Pholboon จตุรงค์ พลบูรณ์
Written by Chaturaphon Pholboon จตุรงค์ พลบูรณ์
Direct pictures Panya Nimcharoenpong
Sales / distribution GTH
Costume Design by Nirachara Wannalai
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Horror
Country: Thailand
Filming Locations: Thailand
Language: Thai,
Length: 89 min
Release Date in Thailand: 3 August 2006
Image Width: 282
Image Height: 400
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 1280
Video Height: 720
ContentRating in Thialand: G
Publish Date: 2019-12-28
Content Is Family Friendly = True
Content Requires Subscription = False

Chaturaphon Pholboon as Luang Por / Prasit
Prasittichok Manasatthat is playing the younger brother / Prath Sittichok.
Chamon Tanthasiriwong as Lang
Phimchanok Pholboon acted as a gig
Wanida Saengsook as Je Li
Anna Chuan Chuen is the elder brother
Yarichada Watthanawongsiri plays Wilai
Charoenphon Onlam ( Ko Tee Aram Boy ) as a frog
Noppadon Songsang as Uncle Chu
Panjani Na Nakorn plays the villager
Manat Nunt Pan-Dee as Mui Fa
Sumeth Ong is playing well
Kuan Chuan Chuen plays as Aunt
Play the role of Aunt Toi
Note: Invited to play the role of Uncle Teng.

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