Secret 2015 full movie free

Image Secret 2015 full movie free

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Secret Secret 2015 full movie free

Secret 2015 full movie free online : Firstly, Every love has its own secret. Nam Soo is married to his wife Ji-yoon, who has fallen for the first time, and has a happy new wedding day. Unable to keep an eye on his loving joyun full of charm, Nam Soo whispers a happy love every night. One day, however, suddenly the father’s visit came suddenly and he was embarrassed, but unlike Ji-yoon, he greets him like a daughter. Nam-soo, who has a bad heart for his wife who is taking more of her father than herself, gets to hear the unfortunate childhood of Ji-yoon who grew up without a father.

모든 사랑에는 둘만의 비밀이 있다. 첫 눈에 반한 아내 지윤과 결혼해 행복한 신혼의 나날을 보내는 남수. 애교 가득한 사랑스런 지윤의 모습에 눈을 뗄 수 없는 남수는 매일 밤 행복한 사랑을 속삭인다. 그러던 중 어느 날 갑자기 찾아온 아버지의 방문에 남수는 당황해 하지만 그와 달리 지윤은 딸처럼 반갑게 맞이한다. 자신보다 아버지를 더 챙기는 아내에게 서운한 마음이 생긴 남수는 아빠 없이 자란 지윤의 불우했던 어린 시절을 듣게 되면서 아버지.

Secret 2015 full movie free online

Hangul: 비밀: 아내의 남자

Also Known As: Secret: A Wife’s Man(2015)
Directed by: Lee Sang-hwa (이상화)
Release Date in South Korea: 01-0-12015
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Erotic, Mature, 18+
Running time: 86 min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: None ATM





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