Se Jie Qing Di 2014 full movie free

Image Se Jie Qing Di 2014 full movie free

Se Jie Qing Di 2014 full movie free

Se Jie Qing Di 2014​ full movie free: Firstly, Sportsman Song Jiang, general manager of film and television companies, in the small rich woman cohabiting girlfriend Jennifer Ring Sex Monster abuse, psychological repression under outside the workplace evolved into Playboy, private secretary exchanges girlfriend, actress, female anchor, and so on.

The woman Cock wire female screenwriter small buildings exhibit extreme disdain and attack, sparking the challenge to compete for Tyrant Song Jiang’s actions, step by step accidentally close contact, step by step secret practice, turned into a sexy girl pull the wind . Small partners stunned rival who was also left to become a strategic underground palace burst former girlfriend. Suffered career lows of Song Jiang also recognize the true small ridge, quit playboy problems, and women Cock wire lived a happy life.

AKA: 色戒情敌

Genre: Erotic , Drama , Romance
Release Date: 01-01-2014
Runtime: 65 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: chinese (Hardcoded)

Director: Ma Xiaohui

Ma Xiaohui

Chen Zixuan

Yang Xiaomin

Guo Masaharu


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