School Of Youth 2 2016 full movie free

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School Of Youth 2 2016 full movie free

School Of Youth 2 2016 full movie free online : Firstly, During the late period of the Joseon, Jae-won, Man-ki, Deok-ho and foolish Chil-deuk are the only ones at the village school. The school is going through a rough patch so the school teacher visits his girlfriend the gisaeng and suggests to his students that they bring in female students. So-hyang and the other girls brighten up the mood of the school and more male students sign up.

Yeon-hwa is jealous of Jae-won and So-hyang who fell in love with each other at first sight. She confesses her love to him but he doesn’t give her any attention so she tells him So-hyang’s secret. On the other hand, the teacher’s wife is surprised to see a man wearing a mask peeking at her body but is surprised to the see the size of the hole in the pumpkin he dropped. Not happy with her husband’s ‘night skills’, she calls in the male students one by one to find out but the pumpkin belongs to no one…
To whom does the hole belong to?

Also Known As: School of Youth 2: The Unofficial History of the Gisaeng Break-In 2016 AKA 청춘학당2: 기생난입야사 (cheong-choon-hag-dang-2: gi-saeng-nan-ib-ya-sa)
Genre: Melodrama •Romance, Drama, 18+,Comedy
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 98 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/03/03
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Kim Dae-seong-I (김대성)
Jeon Hyeon-soo (전현수)
Ji Eun-seo (지은서)
Jeong Hyeon-woo (정현우)
Sin Seok-hwan (신석환)
Hye Jin 혜진

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