Red-Light Distric 2014 full movie free

Image Red-Light Distric 2014 full movie free

Red-Light Distric 2014 full movies free

Red-Light Distric 2014 full movies free: Firstly, Tells the love story between the little black car drivers Miss Wang Junyu Zhou Xiaoya love, ordinary life is experiencing repressed grief, Wang pick a woman to do it every day of his beloved flesh trade, Zhou Xiaoya sex trade is fake police extortion , went to the hotel door service encounters his younger brother, sisters Jingjing because despair and suicide for love, in the end they leave this city is full of depressing and sad, back home to start a new life.

Directed by the edge of the excavation little love life, designed to evoke the edge of the characters and the pursuit of love, courage to believe that everyone has the freedom to love; movie hero from the shackles of the moment at the end of life, start a new life, aims to raise awareness of the life hope, let love return, let the dream return!

Director: Catcher

Jing Xi

Li He,

Qiang Yang

Country: China
Type: Erotic Drama Romance
Region: Mainland China
Year: 01-01-2014
Running time: 70 minutes
Language: Mandarin


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