Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก

Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก

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Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก

Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก: Firstly, A story about vengeful ghosts, which were awakened by the work of a group of four female students, which they inevitably face a terrifying story.

Two high school students stumble upon a body in the woods whose insides had been eaten by a ‘hungry ghost’. The principle then hires a shaman to come and help find out who at the school is processed.

Regarding the movie movie, skating and jumping No funny scenes The content did not capture the right direction, what to say. So I thought of the script that saw the name Khun Ping wrote. Oh my god, Khun Ping’s skill is down, or getting a lot of work. Really, Khun Phing’s previous movie script is not that bad, but this movie is dead. It loses a lot of leaning on you.

I don’t know because of problems in the production or because of bad script. Just know that the movie came out very advanced. Meaning that he was sitting in a theater Fell asleep for a while and woke up. Until I thought that The budget for creating Thai movies in this period is small? Because the place in the movie revolved in the same place But didn’t get stuck there because if circling the matter then going forward would be acceptable

The actors are the big problem of this movie. Bring a tuky to play this, pulling money to raise revenue. Wrong. In this era, movie people are not just watching actors. And Tookie still plays as a shy, shouting frantic, lure men. There are really just this, and Tony only takes the cast. No comment The actors who co-assembled were seen in the social world, but to be honest, it was the weakness of this movie.

The black woman with the most annoying voice in the movie Is trying to pin and the actor in the movie that is already playing is the most OK, the original Ton Khun Phing Not irony I’ve criticized you for many things and why you play. But this story I like, because the character that you play does not have to be sad, do not have to be because Khun Ping should be able to play the comedy well and it is really good. But stuck only Why do you have to play the rich note? Outside, it’s all good.

Overall, this movie is very termite. There are a few smiles and the scene you lean on. I do not know what to do with the movie Bai Pho, who started making movies continuously. Trying to find a new director to supplement the army will be good. Allowing some color for the camp.

Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก full movie free online

Original Title: The Ugly Ghost 2014,
Thai Title: ปอบหน้าปลวก 2014
English Title: Ghoul face termite 2014
Other title: Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก full movie, Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก full movie free, Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก full movie free online , Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Pob na pluak 2014 ปอบหน้าปลวก cast imdb review story Thai movie drama trailor eng sub English subtitle subtitle indonesia

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Directed by Ping Lumpraploeng พิง ลำพระเพลิง
Produced by Prachya Pinkaew … producer, Somsak Techaratanaprasert … executive producer
Production Companies Sahamongkol Film International
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $284,384

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Length: 105 min
Release Date in Thailand: 12 June 2014
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2019-12-12
ContentUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/j4l8pidj5l0wwrp
embedUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/j4l8pidj5l0wwrp

ปอบหน้าปลวก 2014


Sudarat Butrprom … Tui Tui
Ping Lumpraploeng … Master Bruce Lee
Arpa Pawilai … Laem
Toni Rakkaen … Bank

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