Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า

Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า

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Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า

Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า 2014 full movie free online : Firstly, is a Thai movie that talking about A story of the unrequited love. Kwan’s love for Riam grew fonder while her love for him seem to fade as she was taken to Bangkok.

Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า Trauma 2014 is a Thai movie that was released in 2014, which is a romantic – tragedy film adapted from the author of the same name, ” Trauma ” of Mai Muang Derm, directed by ML Panthew Thewathakun by the United News International film [3] [4] scheduled for release on August 12th 2557 , with the charity before the actual release date of August 11th 2557 the film grossed. Get 20.2 million baht

Two peasants in rural Bang Kapi, Bangkok of Thailand in 1930s. Kwan (Chaiyapol Julian Pupart) and Riam (Davika Hoorne) are the son and daughter of rival village chiefs. They both loved and give to the vow to die in the river if their doesn’t love each other. Until someday, Riam’s father disapproves of the relationship. He wants his daughter to marry with the son of a nobleman. A tragedy of romance between their relationship begins like the wound. This is the great movie ever seen before.

The story is based on Thai folklore and was written by Mai Muengderm in novel
Plae Kao was remade for several times, including film version (1940, 1946, 1977, 2001) and television drama (1967, 1988, 2002)
Filming began February 2014

Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า full movie free online

Original Plae kao 2014, The Old Wound 2014
Thai Title: แผลเก่า 2014
English Title: Trauma 2014
Other title: Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า full movie, Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า full movie free, Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า full movie free online , Plae kao 2014 แผลเก่า full movie free watch download online

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Directed by Mom Luang Phan Thewathevakun ม่อมหลวงพันธุ์เทวนพ เทวกุล
Writer: Mai Muengderm (Novel)
Producer: Somsak Tejcharattanaprasert
Distributor: Sahamongkol International
Create Somsak Techarattanaprasert
Music Piti Keuraphan
Direct pictures Phanom Phomchart
Editing Sirikan Sri Chulabhorn
camp Sahamongkol Film
Sales / distribution Sahamongkol Film
Production Companies Sahamongkol Film International
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $615,766

2014 แผลเก่า 2014

Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Romance,
Country: Thailand
Filming Locations: Thailand
Language: Thai,
Length: 131 min
Release Date in Thailand: 14 August 2014
Image Width: 314
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 1280
Video Height: 720
ContentRating in Thialand: G
Publish Date: 2020-01-01
Content Is Family Friendly = True
Content Requires Subscription = False


Chaipol Julian Pupart plays the role of morale.
Davika Honne as Miriam
Sinjai Plengpanich as the Lady of Gold Label
Phongphat Wachirabunjong acted as an adult writer.
The era of auspicious occasion as the village headman
Pan, Secretary Wan Wan, plays the role of a rich woman.
The Tiara Amadara played the role of Mae Sai
Natthep Theppastin Na Ayudhya plays Khun Somchai
Phongsiri Banluewong as Joi

Warawut Pho Yim plays the role.
Jaruwat Chiaoaram plays the piano.
To Vich high standard bool plays cheerfully.
Cancer Mole Kaew played the role of Taint.
Atirut Kittiphatana acted as Saming
Thanyarat Traisuthiwong as a cheek
Sorayathita Wachira as Chompoo
Natthaphong Phromsing as the close
Jirawit Pongpichit acted as a Second Lieutenant Sa-nga.
Supakorn Prateepthinthong plays the role of Songkran doctor.
Mr. Badin Bangsen as the survivor

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