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Parrot Cries With Its Body 1981

Parrot Cries With Its Body 1981: Firstly,  The widower Choi is impotent. He adopts the infants Mun and Su-ryun and raises them. Mun graduates from college in Seoul but he can’t adjust to Seoul life so he returns to Choi’s home. Mun learns that Su-ryun is not his sister in blood and he falls in love with her. When Choi discovers Mun and Su-ryun meeting secretly, he forces Mun back to Seoul. Mun meets the dancer Suk on his way and returns home. Since Mun is at home, Choi sends Su-ryun away. Su-ryun is unable to forget her home so she returns home on a day that is raining cats and dogs. Underneath a steel bridge, Su-ryun is raped by Jong-su and ends up dead. Meanwhile, Mun had left home when Su-ryun died. He is returning home when he discovers Choi crying with Su-ryun’s body in his arms. His rage exploding, Mun grabs Su-ryun’s body and takes it away.

Director : Jung Jin-woo
Writer : Kim Gang-yun , Kim Seong-hwa
Release Day : 24-OCT-1981
Country: South Korea
CAST Hwang Hae, Choi Yun-seok, Jeong Yun-hui, Kim Hyeong-ja, Ma Yeong-dal, Ra Ae-sim, Yoon Young-ae, Kim Ki-bum, Lim Hae-lim, Park Jong-sel


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