Oops! There's Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4

Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4

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Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4

Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4: Firstly, A 2005 sequel to the three hit “Wai Onlawon” Thai comedy movies from the 1970s. Tum and Oh, the young college couple, are now nearing 50….They’re(relatively) happily married and have two teenage kids with problems of their own, Bitong and Namtoey.

Bitong is a beautiful young drama student at Chiang Mai University, who’s secretly living in the dorms with her boyfriend, Wicharn. Namtoey still lives at home, where his macho father can’t understand why his son plucks his eyebrows and has pictures of Japanese boy bands on the wall….Tum, Oh and Namtoey, along with butch lesbian Aunt Or (who has changed a lot since the original movies!) decide to surprise Bitong by visiting her for her birthday.

Bitong has to try and hide her living arrangements from her parents, Tum has to avoid setting off Oh’s jealous temper and Aunt Or just wants to sit back and enjoy looking at the hot college girls. Gigi is Bitong’s new best friend, who likes dating old, rich guys, Pattama is Bitong’s mousey …

Teenage Chaos 4: Tum-O Return or Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 is a Thai movie that was released in 2005. It is the story of Tum and Oh Song Nang from the famous movie ” Teenage Chaos ” which was the most popular during 1976. -21 from the composition of Boonyarak Ninwong or “Boonrak”

The film is directed by Ruthai Wanwongsirasawat with a previous poster director. Be a consultant In this movie Presents the relationship between Tum and Oh, who have been married for nearly thirty years. And son and daughter who are currently in their teens By presenting social issues regarding Being before marriage Of students Adolescent sexual deviation Screenplay written by Ruthai Wanwongsirasawat and Chollada Teasuwan (Hundred Sword River Songs)

Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 full movie free online

In this part, there are many original actors, including Pairoj Sangwirabutta as Tum, Lalana Sulawan as O, Jirawadee Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya as Oh, sister Oh, Potjanee Intaramanon as Khun Nid Kik of Tum, Chirasak Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya as Tadd’s old friend Tum as well as Chairat Duan Thit, who sang the theme song in the first three parts. Is also a guest actor

Thirty years passed, Tum Oh in his fifties. Whose daughter is studying at a university in Chiang Mai And my son is in high school 6

Tum, Oh, Or and Toei Fai, drive from Bangkok to Chiang Mai In order to visit the banana leaf without telling in advance In order to arrange a surprise birthday party for A mess When Tum finds that her beloved daughter rents the dormitory Living with Wichan, a young fellow of different faculties And Oh found that his son has the same sex behavior Both are trying to conceal from the other party to know. Because he was afraid that the other party could not accept

Tum secretly goes to find an old gig that opened a restaurant in Chiang Mai but told Oh that she stopped by to visit his old friend Add, who taught at Chiang Mai University. Like in the previous movies.

วัยอลวน 4 2005

Original Title: Wai Onlawon 4: Tum + Oh Return (2005), Wai Onlawon 4 Tum Oh Return (2005),
Thai Title: วัยอลวน 4 2005, วัยอลวน 4: ตั้ม-โอ๋ รีเทิร์น 2005, วัยอลวน 4 ตั้ม-โอ๋ รีเทิร์น 2005
English Title: Oops! There’s Dad 2005
Other title: Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 full movie, Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 full movie free, Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 full movie free online , Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Oops! There’s Dad 2005 วัยอลวน 4 cast imdb review story Thai movie drama trailor eng sub English subtitle subtitle indonesia
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Directed by Ruethaiwan Wongsirasawat ฤทัยวรรณ วงศ์สิรสวัสดิ์
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write script Chollada Tiewsuwanruethaiwanwongsirasawat
Directed image Somboon Phiriyaphakdakul
Editing Nong Pho Phui
Sales / distribution GTH Five Star Productions
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $576,700
Budget 20 million baht
Official Sites: Gmm Tai Hub [Thailand]

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Length: 92 min
Release Date in Thailand: 28 July 2005
View: 100
ContentRating: PG
Publish Date: 2019-12-13
ContentUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/mdx84u5nlkzpd2q
embedUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/mdx84u5nlkzpd2q


Phairote Sangwaribut … Tum
Lalana Sulawan … Oh
Jirawadee Issarangkul Na Ayuttaya … Aunt Or
Kaneungnich Jaksamithanon … Bitong (as Khanungnit Jaksamitthanont)
Wasit Pongsopha … Namtoey
Rangsit Sirananont … Wichan
Yaowaluk Luangmong … Pattama
Sabrina Kornsolay … Gigi
Phojanee Intramanon … Khun Nit
Jirasak Issarangkul Na Ayuttaya … Professor Ad
Chairat Teabteam … Chai Lumsum
Jarunee Boonsake … Gaheyri Yongsao
Thanabotin Yongsupchart … Fooyeun

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