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Missing person 2008 full movies

Missing person 2008 full movies: Firstly, A real estate agent, Won-Young (Choi Moo-Sung) is a worldling, he can get anything he wants with his money. He is also a pervert and the way he releases his stress is having sex with his mistress and hitting Gyu-Nam ([Kim Kyu-Nam]]), who is abandoned by society. But for Gyu-Nam, Won-Young is the only person who cares about him even if he is beaten all the time. Gyu-Nam professes himself to be a faithful dog to Won-Young. By the time Won-Young decides to be nice to Gyu-Nam, he can’t. Won-Young already went too far.

Meanwhile, dogs started disappearing in the community and then people start disappearing. How are Won-Young and Gyu-Nam involved in these incidents?
Kyu-nam, who makes a living by posting notices of missing dogs, is constantly harassed by Won-yeong, a violent, greedy and lustful man. But when townsfolk start disappearing too, Won-yeong begins to suspect Kyu-nam. The film shows how people can be the victim and perpetrator at the same time.
Awakened animal instincts awakened inside human 
beings Unfamiliar stories of greedy humans Kyu-nam, who

earns his living by posting flyers looking for lost dogs, suffers assault from Wonyoung who lives with money, sex and violence. In the meantime, the dog disappears in the neighborhood, and then bizarre things happen in a row. 
Wonyoung suspiciously looks at Gyunam in a situation where he can’t even guess the killer.

Missing person 2008 full movies free online


Original Title: Missing person 2008, Missing person 2009, Sarameul Chatseupnida 2008, 사람을 찾습니다 2008, Sa-lam-eul Chat-seub-ni-da 2008
Other title: Missing person 2008 full movie free, Missing person 2008 full movie free online , Missing person 2008 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Missing person 2008 cast

Directed by Lee Seo (이서)
Screenplay by Lee Seo (이서)
Writer: Lee Seo
Producer: Lee Seo, Son Seon-Ok
Cinematographer: Lee Du-Hun

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature,Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Taiwan
Language: Korean
Length: 96 min
Release Date in South Korea: 2009/12/17
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2017-11-19


Choi Moo-Sung – Won-Young
Kim Kyu-Nam – Gyu-Nam
Kim Ki-Yeon – In-Ae
Baek Jin-Hee – Da-Ye
Keum Dong-Hyun – owner of rice shop
Lee Eun-Mi – Bo-Seon
Jang Nam-Yeol – Il-Kwon

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