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Manner Teacher 2016 full movie free

Manner Teacher 2016 full movie free online : Firstly, Do you want something ‘new’? On the other hand, Deputy Hyeon-moo from Isang Plans doesn’t know a thing about manners. The company director orders the team manager to to hire a manner teacher for the sake of teaching the employees some manners. Then one day, a young woman (Yeo Min-jeong) introduces herself as the ‘manner teacher’. However, she was only visible to Hyeon-moo. From then on, whenever Hyeon-moo knocks on a door or does something with ‘manner’, she would appear and conduct a total directional lecture on manners. The two get close very quickly…

Also Known As: 매너선생님 (mae-neo-seon-saeng-nim)
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 78 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/09/22
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by No Zin-soo (노진수)
Screenplay by Lee Yoon-hyung-I (이윤형)
Star: Kim Min-ki 김민기, Son Bi-ya 손비야, Jo Yoo-jin 조유진, Rahi 라희, Hwang Ji-hoo 황지후, Kim Do-yeong 김도영

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