Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส

Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส

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Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส: Firstly, The story takes place when Phong Narin, a Thai football coach Dreamed of the Thai national team joining to play in the World Cup , with luck beside Jem Aunt Sao, who won 1st prize from the Government Lottery for 192 million baht, so contacted to give money to the Thai Football Confederation In order to develop the team to go to the World Cup With an exchange agreement which is Must make Pong Narin to be a coach of the Thai national team as well But the federation does not agree Jeet is very angry.

Therefore changed his mind not to give money to the Thai Football Confederation And traveled to the Principality of Avi In order to bring the national team to the World Cup instead

Makket Returns (Formerly Makket World is stunned ) is a Thai movie with content about Just like the football being awarded Lottery 192 million and put the money to build a football national team Israel to Israel’s national team to compete at the World Cup is scheduled for release on May 18th 2549 with the period. That has the 2006 World Cup

Because it’s a funny movie And the majority of the content is relevant to the Lao people, making Mr. Hiam Phommachan, the ambassador Lao People’s Democratic Republic of Ireland at the time, fearing the resentment of the people of Laos. Because after watching the movie, it felt like it was insulting to the Lao people Therefore requesting to change all content related to Laos The manufacturer has therefore suspended the screening. To not want to be an international problem

Later, on October 19, the same year the creator changed the new content. By changing Laos in To be a hypothetical country named “The Principality of Avi” and changed its name to “The kick returns,” the results show that not much revenue

Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส full movie fee online

Lucky Loser (Thai: หมากเตะ..โลกตะลึง or Mak Tae Loke Talueng) is a 2006 Thai sports-comedy about a small, fictional Southeast Asian country’s bid to play in the World Cup. Initially, the country depicted in the film was Laos, but because of concerns by diplomatic officials that the depiction of Lao players would be seen as offensive to Lao people, the film’s release in May 2006 was cancelled. The film’s production company, GMM Tai Hub, re-edited the film and reshot some scenes to remove any references to Laos. The name of the fictional country is Arvee.

Pong is one of the greatest football players Thailand has produced and he’s a star in England’s FA Premier League. But when there’s an opening for coach of the Thailand national team, Pong returns in hopes he’ll be named for the job. Instead, he is passed over in favor of a Brazilian coach.

His Aunt Ming, a football fan and inveterate gambler, has just won the lottery and had intended on donating her winnings to the Thai team. However, when her nephew is passed over, she decides to give her money to a regional rival, the struggling team in neighboring Arvee. And she’s able to convince the team officials to hire her nephew.

So Pong is named coach of the Arvee side. He sets about filling the team’s vacancies with players who display various talents. A man who catches watermelons becomes the goalkeeper. The town’s aggressive dogcatcher becomes an attacking midfielder. A veteran striker, banned from the game because of his temper, is lured back in.

Coach Pong whips the players into shape. His methods include having the team train inside a freezer container in order to acclimate themselves to playing in colder climates.

For their part, the Arvee players are eager to conform to their ideals of the Western world, dying their hair – including their armpit hair – blond, in an effort to look like the European soccer players they idolize and will possibly play against.

The team at first doesn’t follow the coach’s strategy, and they lose. Then they listen, and they win. But for their final match, against archrival Thailand, they find their strategies no longer work. So they must revert to their earlier ways and play however they see fit.

At times Coach Pong is conflicted between loyalty to his native country and his desire to see the team he is coaching win.

หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส 2006

Original Title: Mak tae 2006, Mak Tae Returns 2006, MakTae Returns 2006
Thai Title: หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส 2006
English Title: Lucky Loser 2006
Other title: Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส full movie, Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส full movie free, Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส full movie free online , Mak tae 2006 หมากเตะรีเทิร์นส full movie free watch download online

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Directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem อดิสรณ์ ตรีสิริเกษม
Produced by Jira Maligool
Starring Jakrit Panichpatikam, Noi Po-ngam
Distributed by GMM Tai Hub
Create Jira Maligool, sublime joy evolution Pong, Yongyutt gold fund, such beautiful tiger mother, Lucid Techa said Luis Fernandez.
Sales / distribution GHS, BBTV Productions
Production Companies GMM Tai Hub (GTH)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $236,026
Film Editing by Boonsak Watanavisit
Sound Department Traithep Wongpaiboon … supervising sound editor

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sport
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai, Lao
Length: 112 min
Release Date in Thailand: October 19, 2006
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2019-12-16


Jakrit Panichpatikam … Coach Ulit
Noi Po-ngam … Auntie Ming
Praew Prapintip … Tukkata
Michael Shaowanasai … Referee
Seksan Sutthijanth … Sanglek Duangmanee

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