Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร

Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร

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Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร

Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร 2014: Firstly, A satire-comedy based loosely on a popular novel that has been made into famous TV series and movie couple of time about love that is built on hatred and painful memories.

Tas Rak Asoon is a classic love-hate drama in the vein of veteran director Pisarn Akarasenee, which Mum has made in his own, slapstick way. Sporting a new pirate-like look, Mum also stars in the film as Nai-hua Perm, a heartless man who seeks vengeance against the family responsible for the death of his sister.

Also starring in Tas Rak Asoon are 27-year-old actress Savika Chaiyadej (Pinky), who plays a spoiled rich kid, and 31-year-old sexy star Lukkana Wattanawongsiri (Aum), who plays an island girl named Jet Ski. Throughout the film, the two women fight for the affections of Nai-hua Perm.

Forget about the famous love story that you used to know. Because of the funny face, Mum Jok Mook will open her eyes for a long time, and love a new kiss. When he had to turn a role into a vast … Gosh, a man without heart.

That everyone must be stunned and laughed against the beautiful city girl Played by a sharp, beautiful actress Pinky-Sawika Chaiyadej together with two bad moms like Aom-Sawjai Phunsawat and Aum-Lakhan Watthanawongsiri in Tanan, a new intense love with a heart to bet both love Both vengeful and fun, with martial arts style, slapping a kiss 360 360 degrees with the movie, brutally loving, extremely terrifying. Maha Do Sarakarn invites you to punish the hilarious until the desires until …

Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร full movie free online

Intense love story, immediately “funny”, then “brutal” begins after “muffled” (Pinky Sawika), a girl in the city of high society. Revived on a boat and discovered the fact that She is being kidnapped to the island. One, without knowing who they were holding her for and why. “Why did you do it to me”

Until when the boat stopped at the island She found that the person who captured her was “Mr. Hua Perm” (Mam Jok Mok), the owner of the island is illegal Those who are caught up in the past And the resentment that someone has hurt their sister’s mind until Tae has committed suicide And this is the reason he took the muffler.

Because wanting to take revenge on the muffler’s father who attacked his sister Muffled must be enslaved Physical and mental abuse And had to be enslaved to more master masters Which is not suffering enough Because she still has to face the added dangers of “Dok Oh”, the ex-hilarious ex of Mr. Hua added and “Jet Ski” the sexy niece of a close henchman Which are bullying because of being jealous of being muffled and becoming the new wife of Mr. Hua

ทาสรักอสูร 2014

Original Title: That Rak Asurn 2014, Tad-Rak-Asuon 2014, tas rak asoon 2014
Thai Title: ทาสรักอสูร 2014
English Title: Love Slave 2014
Other title: Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร full movie, Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร full movie free, Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร full movie free online , Love Slave 2014 ทาสรักอสูร full movie free watch download online

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Directed by Petchtai Wongkamlao
Production Companies
Sahamongkol Film International
Distributors Westec Media Limited (2014) (Cambodia) (theatrical)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $656,672
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Length: 112 min
Release Date in Thailand: 3 July 2014, Cambodia 12 August 2014
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2019-12-17


Petchtai Wongkamlao as Mum
Sawika Chaiyadech as Demon
Sakaojai Poonsawatd as Lady
Lukkana Wattanawonsiri as Jet-Ski
Supaksorn Chaimongkol

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