Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie

Image Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie

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Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015

Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie free online : Firstly, A triangular relationship between Eo Woo-dong, her husband Lee Dong, and fantasy character Moo-gong, highlights on the first half of the Joseon Dynasty and portrays the contradicted life of the high class people, criticizing the modern day Korean society.

Hye-In (Song Eun-Chae) the daughter of a government official. She is beautiful and smart. Yi-Dong (Baek Do-Bin) is a royal family member and becomes interested in her. Using his charms, Yi-Dong eventually maries Hye-In.

After their marriage, Yi-Dong continues his playboy ways with other women. He learns about a man named Moo-Gong (Yeo Wook-Hwan) who loves Hye-In. Yi-Dong becomes jealous and forces Hye-In to watch him make love to another woman. Hye-In takes takes revenge and changes her name to Er Woo Dong.  So, She becomes the most famous gisaeng during the Joseon era.

Even the
King of Colors Take a Covetous Woman

Even the king of the Joseon Dynasty coveted the woman to become the best flower!
“I’m a flower among flowers!”

Uh Hye-in, Park Cham-pan’s house, is known for being a superb beauty who combines fine and beautiful appearance with superior academic skills. She is a woman who wants to be coveted. Lee, who has captured Hye-in’s heart with her sweet talk, finally ends her marriage with her love and spends her first night full of desire.

However, even after the marriage, Lee Dong-young, who had lived in a dormitory every night at another time, was unable to heal her habits. Commits an atrocities involving parasitics and affairs

Betrayed by her husband, who believed in love, Hye-in decides to change her destiny for revenge and is newly born as the most famous court lady in Joseon, named herself “ Udon. ” Rumors of the four generations who lined up every night to covet her body are instantly known to the royal family, and the king of Joseon also spends the night covered with desire in secret meetings with U-dong.
In the age of disturbance, a woman who was coveted even by a king. Will you have plural flowers?

The historical scandal that shakes Joseon begins!

Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie

Original Title: Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015, Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong (Movie – 2014) 2015, Ownerless Flower Uhwudong 2015, Lost Flower 2015, Eo Woo-dong: Ownerless Flower 2015
Other title: Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie, Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie free, Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie free online , Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 cast imdb story,
Movie: Ownerless Flower Uhwudong (English title) 2015
Revised romanization: Erwoodong: Jooineobsneun Ggot 2015
Hangul: 어우동: 주인없는 꽃 2015

Directed by Lee Soo-sung (이수성)
Screenplay by Lee Chang-gyoo (이창규)
Writer: Lee Soo-Sung
Distributor: Joy N Contents Group
Budget:$1,000,000 (estimated)

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Melodrama, Romance, Historical
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 101 min
Release Date in South Korea: January 29, 2015
View: 100
ContentRating: R
Publish Date: 2018-03-20

Lost Flower Eo Woo-dong 2015 full movie free online


Baek Do-bin (백도빈) as Lee Dong (이동)

Kang Eun-bi (강은비) as Hye-in (혜인)
Yeo Wook-hwan (여욱환) as Moo-gong (무공)
Nam Kyung-eup (남경읍) as Vice minister Park (박참판)
Yoo Jang-young (유장영) as Seongjong of Joseon (성종)
Lee Bom (이봄) as Myo-hong (묘홍)
Joo Hee-jae (주희재) as Special Appearance (특별출연)
Kim Ki-doo (김기두) as Kim Sang-seon (김상선)
Yook Mi-ra (육미라) as Landlady (여주인)

Ahn Soo-hyun (안수현) as Hye-in’s mother (혜인모)
Moon Young-dong (문영동) as Park Kang-cheong (박강청)
Cha Hee-yeon (차희연) as Kim Young-woong (김영웅)
Kim Young-woong (김영웅) as Ministry of War (병조판서)
Park Tae-sung (박태성) as Kim’s house (김집)
Kim Jung-pal (김정팔) as Han Joong-seok (한중석)
Jung Young-sub (정영섭) as Park Seol (박설)
Eom Ji-man (엄지만) as Executioner (망나니)
Lee Cheol-seong (이철성) as Girugak nobleman – Cameo (기루각 양반)
Park Jong-hwan (박종환) as Girugak nobleman – Cameo (기루각 양반)

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