Female War A Nasty Deal 2015 full movie free

Image Female War A Nasty Deal 2015 full movie free

Female War A Nasty Deal 2015 full movie free

Female War Lousy Deal 2015 full movie free online : Firstly, Painter Ha-rim became blind due to an unfortunate accident. However, His wife Sun-yeong searches far and low for a cornea donor until she meets terminal cancer patient Dae-geun. These two make a startling and dangerous deal for Ha-rim’s cornea.

Secondly, The accident in the blindness painter Harim. Commitment before the end of donated corneas hemedeon wife, Sun Young found the donor cornea for those terminally ill elderly husband daegeun appears. On the other hand, Sun Young sexy thriller with thrilling drama that puts daegeun corneal donation to start a risky deal.

Thirdly, This is a series with two parts directed by No Jin-Su.
Name of the actress: Kim Sun-Young, Finally….


Title: 여자 전쟁: 비열한 거래 (yeo-ja jeon-jaeng: bi-yeol-han geo-lae), Female War Lousy Deal 2015
Directed by No Zin-soo (노진수)
Screenplay by Kim Pil-jin (김필진)
Genre: •Drama
Runtime: 110min
Release date in South Korea : 2015/05/01
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Kim Sun-young 김선영
Myung Kye-nam 명계남
Lee Se-chang 이세창

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