East-West Neighbors 2016 full movie free

Image East-West Neighbors 2016 full movie free

East-West Neighbors 2016 full movie free

East-West Neighbors 2016 full movie free online : Firstly, The couples have changed! With each other!Eun-ji and Seung-ho, Seong-sik and Joo-ran move into a neighborhood at similar times. Eun-ji is lonely because of her husband frequent late-nights and Seong-sik takes care of the house while his wife works.

Secondly, “The couple has changed? We changed each other! “
Eun moved on to the next door to each other about the same time with Jim and seongsik and juran couple. Then, Eun feel the loneliness in her husband’s frequent overtime, ignoring his wife danghamyeo seongsik housewife living in.
One day, I went to the wrong house seongsik are here to bring Eun courier delivery of wine to drink at her house.

Thirdly, Seongsik the rest kissed sure if intoxicated, two people share a hot affair. Since the meeting of the two is being done secretly, and Eun is seongsik travels to lie to the husband and wife to each other one night and two days. However, two people enjoying each other on the road without a source. But a while Happy Hours, it may burst sacramental house has no choice but to return home to news and Eun returned home from the scene and witnessed the love affair with the woman next door juran husband, Jim!

After a couple of months. Seongsik and Eun, Jim and juran is awkwardly divided greetings. While another couple this time has changed …! Is now living with a loved one? Go find your loved ones. Finally,…


Movie Title: East-West Neighbors 2016 AKA 이웃동서
Genre: Drama, 18+, Romance, Erotic
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 81 min
Release in South Korea: 1 May 2016
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by: Son Yeong-ho (손영호)
Writer: Noh Ju-Hyung
Star: Park Jeong hwan, Gang Seong Min, Ari

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