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Desire 2013 full movies free

Desire 2013 full movies free : Firstly, Movie “Desire” adaptation Chongqing “and Zhao Hongxia Lei Zheng Fu” event in the city this glitz irritability endless desire for money, there is no shame to sell their bodies. In order to fame and fortune, adulation, abandon dignity. To lust, deep is imprisoned, at life.

The story of money, power, passion, desire three main line, about an entrepreneur Shen Hao Tian in order to get financing funds sold his girlfriend Lulu exchange tools, bribery Bank President Zhang Zhicheng received 200 million investment. After the company fired employees Gang, that he secretly assisted Lulu Shen Hao Tian revenge in the name of the crime of illegal financing of the Shen Hao Tian into prison.

Directed by: Lawson

Huang Shen

Yan Yao Jun

Fifi Lawson
Type: Erotic Drama
Region: Mainland China
Year: 01-01-2013
Running time: 70 minutes
Language: Mandarin

Country: China


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