Delicious Delivery 2015 full movie free

Image Delicious Delivery 2015 full movie free

Delicious Delivery 2015 full movie free

Delicious Delivery 2015 full movies free online : Firstly, A delivery boy gives it his all while delivering packages! Will he be able to find real love in his erotic delivery life?

Secondly, Im Hyeok is a handsome boy who gets dumped by his girlfriend and takes a break from school after his father goes bankrupt. However, He starts working as a delivery boy and his life changes completely. He provides other services to women who have nothing else to look forward to in their lives besides wait for their package to arrive.
Thus, The women in an apartment complex become a group and share Im Hyeok with each other. They include his sexy ex-girlfriend Hee-seon and innocent girl Tae-hee. The 5 sensual life between the five women and Im Hyeok starts now. Finally,

Title: Delicious Delivery
AKA: 맛있는 택배 (mas-iss-neun taeg-bae)
Genre: •Melodrama •Romance
Release Date: 2015/04/02
Runtime: 84min
Director: Gi Dae-ho (기대호)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: No Subtitles

Cast: Song Gi-joon, Son Ga-ram, Lee Ye-eun


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