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Delicious Affair 2012 full movies: Firstly, Late night, we still drive taxis now. However, I can not get in the back of the taxi properly, so I’m sleeping with a small skirt between my legs. In the morning before work, Kwang-sik is walking down the street in a taxi with a scar on her face while she is making a phone call while smoking a cigarette. After a few days, I was driving a taxi at night late at night … Yong-shik waving his hand … Yong-suk who sat in the back seat of taxi.
The taxi is heading for somewhere, with the young man sleeping. A taxi near the house. A light meal that awakens a sleeping young man. Suddenly, I approached Kwang-sik and kissed him. It is a canteen and a korean who love to live in a taxi. Yong-suk, who is not loved by her husband, feels lonely, and starts to depend on it. One day, Young-soo informs him that a light-eating child is growing in his body. It is not the love in the reaction of the light ceremony but the thought of playing with him. I get upset and get out of the way. A dangerous relationship that can not get out of handGenres: Drama | Adult | Erotic

Director: Lee Seung Hwan
Stars: Lee, Yong – Ju
Country: South Korean
Language: Korean
Release Date: 25 October 2012
Duration: 61 Minutes
Cast: Yang Min- young , Song Ki- jun

Tasty affair – Taxi Poster
Tasty affair – Taxi (2012)
Rating 2.9 / 10
Romance / Melody / Adult
Released October 25, 2012
61 minutes, no youth
(Starring) Yang Min- young , Song Ki- jun


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