102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น

102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น

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102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น

102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น 2004 full movie free online : Firstly, When the Thai government announces a plan to empty its vaults to repay its IMF loans, a gang of local Mafia cook up a scheme for a mega-heist: they will steal the country’s gold reserves. They hire the notorious Navin, a former military assassin, to lead an operation involving all of the top thieves in the country. The government sends Lieutenant Pakorn, head of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, to track down Navin. As the two men try to outwit each other, the robbers race against the clock to pull off the biggest heist in the Thai history.

Bangkok plundered 102 off a movie action Nationality Thailand starring Ampol Lampoon and Chatchai Plengpanich released on April 29th 2547 by the United News film directed by Tanit Jitnukul.

The government announced the payment of all loans to the IMF, resulting in the consolidation of underground organizations by those with power and economic influence in countries that disagreed with this idea. Causing the action plan of 102 minutes to stop the repayment of the IMF

Professional terrorist groups were drawn to join this operation under the leadership of Navin ( Amphon Lamphun ), a transnational terrorist. Who is a good military officer but has to let go of the nightmare of war He had to return to the job because he had a life debt owed to General Anusorn, one of the main leaders of the organization, with Nawin not knowing that he was just a debt settlement tool and a victim of the plan.

102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น 2004 full movie free online

From all forms of investigations by Pakorn ( Chatchai Plengpanich ), the head of the terrorist suppression unit, both inside and outside the country, who are responsible for the case and the remaining time must be counted in minutes. “The money must be transferred to the IMF in order to release the debt of the entire nation.” That’s an ultimatum from the government.

An enormous amount of bombs were placed around Bangkok. Pakorn had to find out the whole plan of this Mariner’s operation. As the 102-minute action plan progressed, the ultimate goal of the plan gradually became apparent. 75 tons of gold in the National Bank ‘s security chamber was the purpose of the operation. Pakorn and the team and Nawin’s 102-minute operation. The two have to contend with each other to compete with the time that is about to run out. Depends on who will reach their destination first Which is the destination that they both know in their hearts

Original title: Bangkok Robbery 102 2004, 102 piit krungthep plon 2004,
Thai Title: ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น 2004
English Title: 102 Bangkok Robbery 2004
Other title: 102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น full movie, 102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น full movie free, 102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น full movie free online , 102 Bangkok Robbery 2004 102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น full movie free watch download online

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102 ปิดกรุงเทพปล้น 2004

Directed by Thanit Jitnukulteerawat Ruchintham ธนิตย์ จิตนุกูล
script Tiger team
camera Teerawat Rujintham
cut Uruphong Raksasad
Costume Design by Nirachara Wannalai
Production Companies Sahamongkol Film International
Distributors e-m-s the DVD-Company (2007) (Germany) (DVD)
Sales / distribution Sahamongkol Film
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $446,800

Genre: Drama, Action, Romance,
Country: Thailand
Filming Locations: Thailand
Language: Thai,
Length: 88 min
Release Date in Thailand: 30 October 2014
Image Width: 314
Image Height: 448
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 1920
Video Height: 1080
ContentRating in Thialand: G
Publish Date: 2020-01-17
ContentUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/j4l8pidjgep1wl2
embedUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/j4l8pidjgep1wl2
Content Is Family Friendly = True
Content Requires Subscription = False


Amphol Lumpoon … Nawin
Chatchai Plengpanich … Pakorn
Prakasit Bowsuwan
Withit Laet
Sethavit Punpeng … Special unit officer
Kowit Wattanakul … Jack

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